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Our core raw material 7108 T66 (AlZn4,5 Mg1) is one of the strongest aluminium alloys

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ALC Truss Engineering's main focus is on the versatile S-60 series. The S-60 serie is a unique, heavy-duty, stackable triangular-trussing system. The uniqueness starts at the very basis with the choice of the aluminum : To enable the stackability of the trussing system, a special, reinforced alloy is used.


Geometrical Shapes

Creativity is the key to amazing trussing structure design, by combining different items of the ALC truss engineering product range, as tower systems, circles and polygons.

ALC Truss Engineering Warehouse

Tunnel-shaped roof structures

Another application of the versatile S-60 stackable truss are podium roofs. Tunnel-shaped roofs provide, aesthetically and practically, a broad range of applications.


Rigging Towers

Apart from rigging speakers, the tower systems can also be used to configure ground support systems etc. Each tower system consists of the same basic S-60 truss parts, together with more specific tower items.



The secret lies within the inconspicuous and creative use of the installation

Our Testimonials

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Thank for a great product, the best towers in the world.

Johannes Jonsson - JLE Audio AB


It's fucking awesome.

Kaj-Even Halverson - PAP


Very slick design. Well Done!

Tom Sorce - PRG Los Angeles


Still the best investment we ever made was buying ALC truss engineering products.

Patrick Little - National Events, LLC


Superfast set-up, no ballast needed, Rainprotection.

Mirko Spörri - Spörri Veranstaltungstechniek